Justice crew

Justice Crew!

Last Friday night i went to Portland to see Justice Crew with a few of my friends. It was a great night i had lots of fun. They preformed heaps of their songs (Friday to Sunday, Sexy and you know it, etc..) they also preformed a song called ‘Come Closer (baby)’ which is a song that hasn’t been preformed or heard by anyone before. It was awesome. They also preformed lots of dances including a mash-up of their semi final and final performances on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’.

Tahlia, Erin and I, were in the front row, and when they all jumped off the stage we hi-fived Solo, Tahlia also got to hold hands with John.

Near the end of the night Justice Crew held a dance competition. One of my friends got to go up on stage and dance. He won the competition and his prize was a signed T-shirt and CD.

I recommend that if you go and see Justice Crew for yourself they are amazing.

This Is Solo
This Is Solo


Photos By ME!

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